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Effective Training is Essential

All over the world, experts study the challenges and problematics of modern sportsmen. A part of this process are also effective preparations outside their residence. Quality preparations outside that area are based on the fact that their strength is possible to improve only if the conditions for productive training are being fulfilled.

Be Ready

Sport has changed within last ten years dramatically. That is the reason the trainer has to take care of technique and tactics of the competitor. Besides, the endurance of the sportsman is crucial. Latter is based on improving motor skills first.

Because You Deserve the Best

Planica Nordic Centre provides top-tier housing and training conditions for individual sports disciplines, and, as a basic preparatory centre, for all sports disciplines. Because we know that in different stages of periodization you need conditions for the realization of your goals.

Everything You Need

The Planica Nordic Centre, which encompasses Olympic Sports Centre, offers all needed capacities for complete sports preparations. Sports hall, adapted fitness centre for improving your endurance, altitude roos, saunas, outer pitch for various sports and activities, and numerous biking and hiking trails.

Altitude Rooms

Sleep High – Train Low is a training method, available in Planica. Altitude preparations are in the world of sports one of the ways to prepare for the competition. In hypoxic conditions that we simulate in altitude rooms, we influence the physiological and biochemical adaptation mechanisms in the body. It is a scientifically proven fact that living at an altitude of about 2000 metres has beneficial effects on our immune system. Because of the lower percentage of oxygen in the air, the body to speeds up all its processes. The result is a rise in your physiological abilities. We are able to simulate altitude conditions in 10 rooms (20 beds) – up to 6000 m altitude. This simulation is also available in test area – up to 6000 m above sea level and in sports hall up to 2500 metres above sea level.


Ask For Individual Programme

Upon special agreement, we can prepare an individualized nutrition advice/tips, motor skills testing, physiotherapy, classes on healthy diet and nutrition, classes on altitude trainings, classes on doping in sports, classes on public recognition of athletes etc.

The Meaning of Basic Preparations

This programme is very important to us because we wish that, besides ski jumps and cross-country, Planica becomes distinguished sports destinations for basic preparations of sportsmen. Planica and its sorroundings is, with its location and excellent Alpine climate, surely optimal destination for preparation of sportsmen in team sports (football, basketball, handball, volleyball) as well as in individual sport disciplines.



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