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Ready to fly over the jumping hill and turn into real-life eagles? Adrenaline rush is 566 metres long, top speed reaches 85 km/h.

1151 m

Altitude above sea level

202 m

Difference in height between the start and finish

566 m

Long spectacular ride

85 km/h

Maximum measured speed

World's steepest Zipline

Up to now, the area of the flying hill has been reserved for the greatest ski flying legends only. However, with our new great attraction everyone can experience how it is to fly along the world’s largest jumping hill.

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1. Reservation and arrival

Reservation & arrival

If you want to ensure the descent, book a place in advance. Make a reservation online, by phone or email.
We recommend that you arrive at the reception of the center (the central building opposite the ski flying hill) at least 15 minutes before your appointment.

2. Preparation and equipment

2. Preparation and equipment

Our instructors will kindly explain you the entire descent process, distribute the equipment, answer your questions and direct you to the chairlift.
Each participant of the descent will receive a safety harness, helmet and a pulley in the backpack, which will be suitable for your body weight.

3. Transfer to the top of the Ski Flying Hill

3. Transfer to the top of the Ski Flying Hill

You will take a chairlift to the top of the Ski Flying Hil. The ride takes approx. 8 minutes. At the top you will be greeted by our instructors, who will tell you the last details before your ride.

4. Unforgettable 566 meters of descent

4. Unforgettable 566 meters

At the end you get 566 meters of feeling of complete freedom and unforgettable adrenaline adventures.

The whole zipline experience lasts about 45 minutes

Pre-booking is required

Meeting point in the central building 15 minutes before your appointment

We recommend sportswear and footwear


Below we have collected the most common questions about zipline descent.
The best way is online booking. You can also make a reservation for the descent by phone or e-mail. Payment can be made at the Nordic Center reception desk upon arrival.
Reservation reservation is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it. If you do not have a reservation, then unfortunately we cannot provide you ride. There is a lot of interest in the summer months, so it may happen that all the appointments will be occupied by your arrival.
Upon arrival to Planica, first come to the reception in the central building (round building opposite the ski flying hill), where you will receive tickets. Then you go to the lower zipline station, where our instructors will be waiting for you. We recommend that you be in Planica at least 15 minutes earlier.
The entire zipline experience takes about 45 minutes.
Of course not! You will get to the top of the hill by chairlift, which is about 300 meters away. The chairlift ride to the top takes 8 minutes.
You will receive all the necessary equipment with us. Our instructors will equip you with a safety harness and helmet. You will also receive a pulley that will suit your weight. We only suggest sportswear and footwear. Long hair should be tied in a ponytail. In summer, you can put slippers in the backpack that you will receive with the equipment.
You do not need additional prior knowledge for zipline descent. The device is suitable for participants who are older than 10 years, do not have psychophysical problems related to height and the use of the device for them or for others would pose a health or any other danger or risk. Physical limitations are primarily related to minimum and maximum weight and height. Each participant is obliged to weigh himself before the descent and upon receipt of personal safety equipment so that the staff can check the total weight.
The minimum weight with equipment must not be less than 30 kg, and the maximum weight with equipment must not exceed 115 kg (*** the weight of personal safety equipment is approx. 5 kg).
Minimum required height for independent descent: 140 cm.
In the case of a tandem descent, children from the age of 5 and with a minimum height of 120 cm, accompanied by parents or guardians, can also take part, with the total weight of both participants with equipment not exceeding 115 kg.
Certain health restrictions must be observed during the zipline descent, namely:
1.Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that reduce psycho-physical abilities
2.Persons with spinal injuries
3.People with high blood pressure or diseases of the cardiovascular system
4.Pregnant women
5.People with epilepsy
6.Persons who underwent surgery less than 6 months ago
7.Persons who had eye surgery less than 3 months ago
8. People with reduced mobility – they should be warned about the possibility of causing pain – participation only at their own risk – prior notice required
Bad weather is not a reason to cancel the zipline. Descents are possible in the temperature range between -10 ° C and + 40 ° C, in case of rain and snow. In really bad weather (storm, lightning, hail, sleet, strong wind) we cancel the descent. In this case, we will inform you and cancel the reservation or postpone it to another desired date.
Going down the zipline is an extremely safe activity. Once you are strapped to the steel cable, you are completely safe. All safety equipment used in the activity and all personal safety equipment of the participants meet the safety standard EN 15667-1. Professionally trained and qualified staff will explain the course of the descent in detail.
The entire course of your descent will be fully automated, thus eliminating the possibility of human error. As part of the system, three mutually independent braking systems are installed, which ensure 100% safety.
Before the descent, we will inform you in detail about the safety aspects of the descent and the correct way to use personal safety equipment.
Almost! The steel cable is removed only in the middle of February and placed back in April due to the annual conclusion of the World Cup in ski jumping or flying. In the summer months, the zipline operates almost every day, while in the winter mostly on weekends.
Operating hours also depend on weather conditions and time of year. We suggest that you check the available dates under the “Book” button or call us or send us an e-mail.
For groups, it is possible to arrange a reservation outside the opening hours. The minimum number of people in the group is 10.
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