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A Lengthy Cross-Country Course for Winners

At an altitude between 800 and 1100 metres, there are courses available for cross-country skiing. The course stretches between Kranjska Gora, Rateče and Tamar – with Planica in the central part, consisting of 7 kilometres of certified courses that meet the highest requirements for the organization of competitions.

Top-Tier Conditions for Training

The modern start-finish area, proximity of the practice ski area and a changing room with an additional programme, offer everything you need to reach your goals. A special offer of Planica is cross-country skiing that is possible all year round. In the summer, you can train in the snow hall or on the skating track.

Indoor Cross-Country Skiings

In summer time, you can go cross-country skiing in the snow hall on 800 m long course which extends over three floors. The start-finish area serves as a track for cross-country skiing and also a football field in the summer. Planica also offers a 3 km long skating track and 25 km long cycle lane that stretches between Mojstrana and Rateče and continues in Italy.

In training, the emphasis is on learning the techniques of the cross-country skiing and getting ready for competitions.

Cross-country skiing is performed in combination with training in a gym, fitness or by sleeping in altitude rooms.



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