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Superb Conditions for Training and Improvement

The rich heritage that dates back to 1934 helped us to develop a comprehensive training programme. Our programs are based on scientific research and experience of the best coaches. They are adapted to your needs and wishes in order to achieve the optimal condition and improve your performance.

Four Types of Jumping Hills

On the slope of Ponce Mountains, there are four types of jumping hills where the preparations take place:

  • Junior jumping hill (HS 15, 30 in 45 metres)
  • Youth jumping hill (HS 61 in 80 metres)
  • Bloudek giant (HS 104 in 139 metres, the possibility of night competitions and trainings)
  • Flying hill of Gorišek brothers  (HS 225 metres)


In summer, all jumping hills are covered in plastic, except for the flying hill of Gorišek brothers.

Excellent Connections

All jumps are carefully connected to the transport devices (the chairlift. escalator and the two inclined lifts), making them easily accessible.



    If you need more precise information on ski jumping, feel free to contact us!

    Telephone number: +386 (0)41 700 917