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For the first time, the most attractive sports charity test took place this year in Planica!

More than 2300 sports enthusiasts have come to the 8-kilometer route, which will remain a long way in memory this year. From now on, the word Planica will not only smile on the face because of the success of our eagles, but also because of the unforgettable experience. On the way, they have overcome various obstacles, and they will probably most remember the ascent to the Planica.

On the track under the valley of Poncani, competitors were convinced that, with the help of a best friend, colleague or complete stranger, they can move the boundaries of their abilities, durability and perseverance to the unimaginable dimension and overcome the challenge by which they proved that nothing is impossible in life. And what’s the best – they were having fun all the time.

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.They have proved that the oviratlon is not a competition or a battle with time. Friendship, cooperation and unselfish help are values ​​that count the most in the oviratlon.