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Two Great Names, Two Historic Records

The Austrian Sepp Bradl and the Finnish Toni Nieminen proved that the world that a human being can fly on skis. The first beat magical hundred in 1936, while the “second first” flew over 200 metres in 1994. Two honorable records, that brought fame to the Valley under the Ponce Mountains is one of the greatest sport valleys.

Witness new records

The Cradle of Ski Flying

Planica, the greatest Slovenian sport festival, is a host to the best ski jumpers in the world.

The valley under the Ponce Mountains has hosted the greatest heroes of ski flying for decades. Fearless competitors keep on reaching new milestones over and over again.

“Planica, Planica …”

The annual Planica ski-flying event holds a special place in people’s hearts and minds. Experience the magical euphoria of Planica!


Be a part of history. 

Take a closer look at the new ski jumping hills

Brand New Ski Jumping Hills

At the location of Bloudek ski jumping hill and later of the Planica giant hill now lies a modern Nordic centre. It is possible to see the renewed and the newly equipped ski jumping hills there.

Jumping Hills

  • Junior ski jumping hill (HS 15, 30 and 45 metres)
  • Youth ski jumping hill (HS 61 and 80 metres)
  • Bloudek Giant (HS 104 and 139 metres)
  • Flying hill of Gorišek brothers (HS 225 metres)

Take a Walk Around Jumping Hills

See the jumping hills for yourself.

See the jumping hills

We offer you a new dimension of ski flying

Feel the Freedom

Experience the ultimate feeling of flying over the flying-hill.